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The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 4 | May 1994
The Gardner Letter
by Gerald Gardner

Ed. note—While doing research at the Harry Ransom Humanities Library, myself and Fr. Pi came across a slew of about 80 letters in the Louis Wilkinson (Crowley's Will Executor) collection pertaining to Crowley's Estate. Of these letters, bills, account statements, and other assorted howlings, most of them were between Karl Germer, Louis Wilkinson, John Symnonds, and Lady Frieda Harris: the executors of Crowleys Estate at large.

Gerald B. Gardner, as we all know, was the originator of Gardnerian Witchcraft. Evidently, Crowley and he were associates at some point and Crowley gave him a Charter to head the O.T.O. in Europe. From what I have heard, it was worded, a "Camp of Minervals."

This letter, we've coined The Gardner Letter was certainly the most interesting, if not the most entertaining letter we found in the collection. We were certainly dumbstruck when we found it. Mostly from laughing so hard we couldn't breathe.

Here it is in it's pristine condition:

* * * * *

Dec. 24 1947

W.G.B. Gardner
282 Strathmore Circle
Memphis I2
Tenn. U.S.A.
        to          Vernon ? Esq
Netherwood Hotel
The Ridge
Hastings, England

My dear Vernon,

Ime very sorry, I forget your last name. But I came down several times to see Alister Crowley. Ime Dr Gardner , from 47 Ridgmount Gardens, W.C.  I. I got very ill. & the Drs sent me over here for the winter Ive just heard of poor Alisters death.

I came over here in a hurry, & have not braught any addresses, Now, can you please thee me who are Alisters executers,? . I have a notion that Gerald Yorke, whom I know is one, But cant for the life of me remember his address, Ive been there of course, & know the number is 5 & its near Marble Arch. but cant rmember the street number, somtats no use, Alister gave me a charter making me head of the O.T.O. in Europe.. Now I want to get any papers obout this, that Alister had, he had some typescript Rituals. I know. I have them too, but I dont want his to fall in to other peoples hands, Ill buy them off the Executors at a reasonable price, together with any other relics they may be willing to sell. If by chance you know Gerald Yorks address. would you be good enough to let me know, The ordinery mails take a long time, Postage 2 1/2 tupence mmmmm half penny but you can get an air envelope, like this. at the P.O. for sixpence. which comes in about 5 days. I will be back in England about te end of March.

Meanwhile, Wishing you all the best of good things, How are the Caves getting on? & are the Smuglers wearing the cutlasses,?

All the very best,
Yours ever.
G. B. Gardner  [ed. signed]

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