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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 1 | Sept. 1995
The Yoni Tantra, Part II
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Translated by Sri Lokanath

The following are the first two of eight patalas of the Yoni Tantra. This translation is credited to Sri Lokanath Maharaj. See [Scarlet Letter] Vol II, no. 4 for his introduction to this material, which will appear in full over the course of Vol. III. A look at the Mahanirvana Tantra, edited and translated by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodruffe) should prove valuable, as the introduction alone provides both the context and definition of terms used in this text.
—Sor. Filae Chaosiae


Seated on the peak of Mount Kailasa, the God of Gods, the Guru of all Creation, was questioned by Durga-Of-The-Smiling-Face, Naganandini.

Sixty-four Tantras have been created, O Lord. Tell me, Ocean of Compassion, about the foremost of these.

Mahadeva said —Listen, Dearest Parvati, to this very secret one. You have wanted to hear this 10,000,000 times. O Beautious One, it is because of your feminine nature that you continually ask me.

You should conceal this by every effort. Parvati, there is Mantra Pitha, Yantra Pitha and Yoni Pitha. Amongst these the foremost is certainly the Yoni Pitha, revealed to you from affection.

Listen closely, Naganandini! Hari, Hara and Brahma—the Gods of Creation, Maintenance and Destruction—all originate in the Yoni.

A person should not worship the Yoni if he has not the Shakti Mantra. This initiation and Mantra is the Deliverer from Hell.

I am Mrityunjaya, beloved of your Yoni, O Devi. O Surasundari, I always worship Durga in my heart lotus. This liberates the mind from distinctions such as Divya and Vira. O Lady Goddess, worshipping in this way Liberation is placed within a person's grasp.

The worshipper of the Yoni should prepare the Shakti Mantra. He gains wealth, poesy, wisdom, omniscience. He becomes the 4-faced Brahma for one hundred million Aeons.

What is the use of talking! To speak of this avails naught. [Ed. Note: Yes, indeedy!] If a person worships with menstrual flowers he also has power over Fate. Similarly, having done much puja in this way he may become Liberated.

The devotee should place a Shakti in a circle who is wanton, beautiful, devoid of shame and disgust, charming by nature, supremely alluring or beautiful. Finally, after giving her vijaya, the devotee should worship her with utmost devotion.

On his left he should place her, and should worship her hair-adorned Yoni.

On the edges of the Yoni the devotee should place sandal and beautiful blossoms. There, indrawing the Goddess, he should do Jiva Nyasa using mantra, having given her wine and drawing a half moon using vermilion. Having put sandal on her forehead the devotee should place his hands on her breasts.

Having recited the mantra 108 times in her arms, Loved One, the devotee should caress both breasts, having previously kissed her on the cheek. The mantra should be recited 108 or 1008 times in the Yoni mandala.

After having recited the mighty mantra he should recite the hymn of great devotion.

At the time of worship the Guru should not be present. I am the worshipper. If the Guru is present there is no fruit, of this there is no doubt.

The worshipper, using great efforts, should make the result of the puja over to the Guru. Having made three offerings with hands full of flowers he should bow again to his own Guru. The wise man should by every means offer to his Guru, putting the hands together in the sign of obeisance.

Having done the Yoni Puja according to these methods the devotee attains whatever is desired—of this there is no doubt. The fruit of this is life and enhanced vitality, having done Puja to the Great Yoni—which delivers one from the Ocean of Misery.



Devi said —God of Gods, Natha of all the Cosmos, cause of Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction, without you there is no Father just as without me there is no Mother. You have declared the ultimate way of Yoni Puja through sexual intercourse. Which types of Yonis should be worshipped, and which are auspicious?

Mahadeva said —The Actress, the Kapalika, the Prostitute, the Washer Girl, the daughter of a barber, the Brahmin girl, the daughter of a Shudra, the little cowsmaid and the flowergirl—these are the nine renowned Maidens. Otherwise any maiden if she is artful with wanton eyes [is suitable]. The devotee should worship the mother's Yoni and should have intercourse with all Yonis. He may have intercourse with any woman between the ages of twelve and sixty.

Daily he should worship the Yoni using the Five Tattvas. Through the doctrine of Seeing the Yoni he gains the merit of bathing at 10,000 sacred sites.

The forehead mark should be made from the Yoni Tattva and dress should be of the Kula type. The type of material used for sitting on and the worship should be of the Kula form.

Firstly, in intercourse, the purified worshipper should draw the Shakti to himself by her hair, and should place his lingam in her hand. The Lingam Puja and the Yoni Puja should be done according to the rules. Beloved One, red powder and sandal should be smeared on the lingam.

The Lingam should be inserted into the Yoni and there should he vigorous intercourse. He who employs this method attains the Highest Essence. The devotee would worship employing the Yoni Tattva, of the form of Yoni, the Deluder of the World, at night when it is Full Moon, at a crossroads, O Devi.

Having gone to a cremation ground, offering cooked fish, milk, food, and meat, he becomes like Kubera, the God of Wealth.

A yantra of yoni shape should be drawn on the ground and the mantra recited. Having read the Kavacha, Devi, a person should recite the 1000 Names. He becomes a son of Kalika, and Liberated. Having offered meat-food in a deserted place, and having repeated the mantra and hymns a man becomes a Lord of Yoga.

A person becomes Shiva on Earth having seen the Yoni full of menses after having bathed and having recited the mantra 108 times. One should recite the mantra having offered both one's own semen and the Yoni flowers.

Cooked fish, hen's egg, mouse-flesh, buffalo-flesh, human-flesh, wine, meat, and ground cereal should be offered at night.

Wherever this great place [of offering] is, therein plays the Highest Essence. One should be naked, with dishevelled hair, sitting in a cross-legged position. At all times and everywhere the mantra should be recited when in the great Yoni. One should worship the essence of Devi, the Shakti in the form of a Shakti. Doing this a man attains the four aims of mankind—Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Sadhakas should together at night offer using wine and meat. By every effort a sadhaka should have intercourse in the Yoni, having previously caressed the Shakti's breasts.

The Shakti becomes the Goddess, if loving is done in the Viparita fashion. Instantly the sadhaka becomes regenerated and fully alive by using the water from washing Yoni and Lingam.

Having worshipped the Great Yoni, according to rule, one should make an offering. The water of the Yoni is of three kinds, and one should offer it to the Shakti. O Mahadevi, having mixed the water with wine the purified sadhaka should drink it.

The Supreme Woman should be pleased by offering clothes, perfumes and jewels. One should worship the Vidya whilst in the Yoni and Lingam, at nighttime, according to the ritual injunction.

The highest sadhaka should mix in water the effusion from the Yoni and Lingam, and sipping this Amrita, nourish himself with it.

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