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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 2 | December 1995
The Yoni Tantra, Part III
Part I, II, III, IV, V
Translated by Sri Lokanath

The following are the third and forth patalas of the eight that comprise the Yoni Tantra. This translation is credited to Sri Lkanath Maharaj. See SL Vol. II, no. 4 for his introduction to this material, which will appear in full over the course of Vol. III. A look at the Mahanirvana Tantra, edited and translated by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodruffe) should prove valuable, as the introduction alone provides both the context and definition of terms used in this text. —Sor. Filiae Chaosiae

Higher Up!

Third Patala

Now I will speak, Great Lady. Listen very attentively! By every effort this should be concealed, never reveal it. Revealing it (causes) lack of siddhi. Revealing it causes death. By revealing it mantra is destroyed. It could be that revealing it (causes one) to be torn to pieces.

The miraculous Yoni Tattva Tantra is the best of all Tantras. Because of affection this very hidden Tantra is revealed. The only evil in sexual intercourse is disgust for blood and semen. He who mixes them with wine is the discriminating one in worship.

How can one be wicked on account of the Shakti Mantra? Having worshipped the Great Yoni the magician should worship with the flesh of goats, sheep, men, deer, mongoose, buffalo, elephants, cows, jackals, lions, horses and tortoises in devotional mood.

10,000,000 Kulas arise using the Yorn doctrine. If one worships the Yoni there is equivalence to the Sun and the Moon. Should one use Yoni Tattva oblation never again is one born on Earth. One is born in due course in wondrous Devi Loka. There resides the powerful magician, the Great Lord, conjoined with his Shakti. One should do all acts, japa and so forth, employing the excellent Great Conch Rosary.

Without the 5 Tattvas what can be achieved by men? All is without result and one may fall into hell and (be) baked in pots 'til the end of the world.

The sin acquired in a myriad of births is immediately destroyed if one should worship, offering into the mouth of the Yoni. Combining semen with menses or Svapuhspa menses and taking this in the hand one should carefully offer it into the Yoni.

One becomes a son of Kalika, and therefore renowned. At the Yoni base is Devi, and in the Yoni Naganandini. Kali and Tara are in the Yoni Chakra, and Chinnamastaka in the hair. Bagalamukhi and Matangi are on the edge of theYoni. In the Yoni aperture are Mahalakshmi, Shodashi, and Bhuvaneshvari.When worshipping the Yoni one certainly worships Shakti.

One should worship giving bali of birds and other living creatures and with blood. For the magician who says "Aim Aim" at the time of worship the Yoni is auspicious and gives both Enjoyment and Liberation. A Yogin is not an enjoyer (Bhogin) and, similarly, a Bhogin is not a Yogin. If one is aYoni worshipper one is a Kaula, a being who has both Yoga and Enjoyment (Bhoga). Without worship of the Yoni all worship is vain, 0 Durga!

In the center of the Yoni is the foremost one, Chandali, Lady of Hosts. Through this type of worship one becomes my equal, most certainly.

What use are meditations, reciting mantras, giving gifts, Kula nectars? Without worship of the Yoni all are fruitless, 0 Durga.

If one is incapable of giving whatever is to be offered in my sadhana one may exclusively be devoted to Yoni Puja. A magician should worship with clothes and jewels. Having worshipped the great Yoni he should then go into the circle.

Prostrating oneself like a stick one should then show the Yoni Mudra. Durga becomes pleased with a magician who has devotion for the Yoni.

What use is there of many words? The Yoni which has bled is suitable for worship. One should not worship aYoni which has never bled. From worship of a Yoni which has never bled there is loss of siddhi on every occasion, 0 Devi.

Fourth Patala

All japa and so forth is to be done according to the rules of Mahachina. The characteristics of Yoni worship are thus declared by me to you, 0 Devi.

Although to be kept secret, it is revealed from affection for you, Lady of the Gods. In the country of Kocha near Yonigart on the west side of the Ganges is the renowned Madhavi. Having gone there one may gain the spiritual vision of the Yoni, 0 Maheshvari.

Here, 0 Devi, every night I became exclusively devoted to the worship of the Yoni. Practising religious mendicancy I go there always.

There is no Yoni on Earth resembling the beautifully rounded Yoni of Madhavi, and the firmness of her breasts.

Using this method when worshipping Her causes Shivo'ham. Listen, Parvati! Krishna, having worshipped Radha's Yoni became God Krishna. Shri Rama Janaki Natha worshipped Sita's Yoni. O Sundari, having killed Ravana and his clan he went to Ayodhya City and took there a beautiful residence.

Vishnu, Brahma, the Saints (up to Braqhma's hairtuft) and Myself are all born from the Yoni.

What knowledge equals the magnificence of the Yoni Tattva in the Three Worlds? Without the five Tattvas of wine, meat, fish, grain, and intercourse, all is fruitless, Devi.

Of all things the highest is Veda, and better than Veda is Vaishnava. Better than Vaishnava is Shaiva, and better than Shaiva is Dakshina. Superior to Dakshina is Vama, and better than Vama is Siddhanta. Higher than Siddhanta is the Kaula in whom is desire for the Yoni like a sun shining in the sky or a veritable Meru to mustard seeds.

The preeminence of the Kula is sung of in all the Tantras. By the power of good fortune one is knower of Kula. Using suitable foods one should please and worship by every effort. The best magician is exclusively devoted to Yoni Puja.

Using this revealed method one becomes accomplished, there is no doubt. According to the speech of Pashus there exists only the sexual intercourse of beasts. If Daivas there is exclusive devotion to the doctrine of the Yoni, Great Goddess. Making a forehead mark of Yoni Tattva one becomes pure.

In this book feeding Kumaris and feeding Kulinas are the two chief things. O Durga, there is no doubt about this.

Within a Shakta, outwardly a Shaiva, in gatherings at Vaishnava—in various forms the Kaulas wander on Earth. Alone in the family lineage of a thousand generations is a Kulina pure, 0 Naganandini.

Whosoever washes the feet of a Kulina purifies his home and body, most certainly. In whichever country a Kulina lusting after the Yoni is born—that place is worshipped by the Gods Brahma,Vishnu, and Shiva. Giving to a Kulina gives endless gifts in return. Offering into the hands of a Pashu is fruitless in every way.

It is impossible for me to speak of the magnificence of the Kulina! Whoever satisfies a Kulina is liberated by 10,000,000 Kulas. I bestow Grace only via Kula Yoga, this is without doubt. Of the four Ashramas of Man the state of being an Avadhuta is the greatest, 0 Devi.

I achieved the status of Mahadeva through Kula Yoga and by exclusive devotion to the worship of Yoni of a maiden or a beautiful woman one should worship the Yoni of a sister or of a female pupil. Daily one should worship the Yoni, otherwise one should utter the mantra. Without Yoni Puja one should not do useless Puja, Dearest. Otherwise one may worship on Earth by reciting (a mantra).

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