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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 3 | June 1996
The Yoni Tantra, Part IV
Part I, II, III, IV, V
Translated by Sri Lokanath

Now for the fifth and sixth patelas. Oh, slow as a turtle, soft as a hummingbird's tongue. This translation is credited to Sri Lokanath Maharaj. See SL Vol. II, no.4 for his introduction to this material, which will conclude with the fifth and final installment in the next [Scarlet Letter]. For more information about tantra, the works of Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodruffe) and Lillian Silburn form an excellent base of information from the perspective of the initiated westerner. Informationally, the best bang for your book buck right now has got to be Passionate Enlightenment: Women In Tantric Buddhism by Miranda Shaw which is not only carefully researched (primary sources) and beautifully written but has the most comprehensive modern bibliography on the subject that I have ever seen. Many synaptic returns, dear ones —Sor. Filiae Chaosiae


The Guru is clearly Shiva, and his partner is the true form of the Goddess. The Kaulika goes to hell if he has sexual intercourse with her. The best kind of magician should have intercourse with all other female's Yonis. On whosoever's forehead the Yoni Tattva is visible there too cluster Devas, Demons, Yakshas and the 14 Worlds.

If the twice-born Kulina should do Her mantra during the Shradda (rite) his ancestors dwelling in heaven give him results, O Sundari. Intoxicated by bliss, they sing and hymn his praises.

In the mutual rubbing of the Lingam and Yoni there is great magic. The highest thing in recitation (of mantra) and magic is the outflow of semen and feminine effusion.

The mighty magician, the doer of the injunction, should offer the augmented substance to the Yoni region having mixed the semen and Yoni Tattva together.

From the lotus feet of the woman the Grace of the Goddess showers down. At the time of magic one should abandon any other method.

The wise man, following the rules of Kaula Shastra, should caress that Yoni. If one should do puja of a mother's Yoni one should prepare it. Having worshipped it according to rule one should not have intercourse. One should have intercourse with the Yoni that bleeds.

If by good fortune one is the partner of a Brahmin girl one should worship her Yoni Tattva, Dearest. Otherwise one may worship other Yonis.

In Pashu Initiation without the Five Tattvas all is fruitless. One should resort to a Kulaguru initiating one into Shakti by every effort, O Durga.

If a magician should consume the Yoni Tattva while being Pashu Initiated, his initiation and his rules cause black magic.

Therefore, by every effort, one should resort to a Kalina Guru. If one wishes to do Yoni puja one should resort to a Kulina Guru. Only then does a Yoni bestow grace— like Sita's vagina for Ramachandra, and your Yoni for me.

If one should worship a Yoni adorned with hair, one becomes like a king. All of one's acts become all fruitful, there is no doubt.

If one should mark oneself with a forehead mark of Yoni flowers one becomes very wealthy. O Devi, marked with red in this fashion one dwells in the Heaven of Durga.

Parvati said—Ocean of Compassion, by what method should one worship the Yoni, which is the essence of the Cosmos? If you or a magician should worship the Yoni, how does it bestow grace? Speak of this to me! I want to hear all of this because of my great curiosity.

Mahadeva said—The magician who wishes to worship the Yoni, which is the form of the Cosmos, should cause an erection and should insert it into that thing which is Shakti Herself.

The vagina is Mahamaya, and the penis is Sadashiva. Worshipping these one becomes liberated whilst still living, there is no doubt. One should offer animal sacrifice, flowers, and so forth. If one is incapable of this one should worship with wine, O Durga.

One should do pranayama and my 6 limbed worship in the region of the Yoni, Dearest One. Having recited the mantra 100 times at the base of the Yoni one should rub the Lingam and the Yoni together.

The manner of proceeding for all magicians is thus declared by me. O Deveshi, one should never reveal this tantra! One should not give it to another's disciple, nor to the undevoted. The Yoni Tantra is revealed out of love of you, O Mahadevi.


If one should gaze at a Yoni at bathing time the life of a magician becomes fruitful. There is no doubt of this, Deveshi!

One should look at one's partner's Yoni, at another woman's Yoni, the Yoni of a maiden—or, in the absence of a maiden's Yoni, one should look reverentially at the Yoni of a female pupil.

One should never worship the Yoni in front of Pashus. Employing the Yoni Magic method one definitely becomes like Vishnu—of this there is no doubt.

Whosoever practices this is praised by the Gods and Demons in Heaven and the Underworld. Only one who acts with Vira Magic is liberated from sorrow.

This well balanced magic is revealed from love for you. If one who worships the Yoni Tattva enters a dispute, having conquered all his enemies becomes ultimately victorious, O Durga. What is the point of bathing in the Ganges? What need is there to resort to sacred places? There is nothing equal to devotion to the Yoni. Acting otherwise is useless.

O, Deveshi, even with my five mouths I am unable to speak of the magnificence of the Yoni!

Listen, Naganandini! By your Yoni's grace I became Mahadeva!

Whichsoever magician would have intercourse in a woman's Yoni becomes liberated from the great unhappiness which is the terrible ocean of Samsara. What point is there of many words in this matter? Listen, Parvata-Sundari! There is nothing to be praised in the world more worthy of praise than the Yoni Tattva.

Without it, O Devi, how is it possible for Shiva or Vishnu to speak? How could I be capable of wickedness? How could I be capable of anything, O Mother Durga? How is it possible for me to describe your great receptacle of riches?

Devi said—Mahadeva, Natha of the whole Cosmos, Cause of Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction, the acts relating to Vira Magic have been heard from your mouth. The various rules of the usual kind of magic have been heard. How can one be an unbeliever if he has heard this declared by you, O Deva? Share this sacred trust Mahadeva! Remove any doubts I may have.

Mahadeva said—Listen Most Beautiful Parvati Naganandini! Listen with great devotion. Listen attentively to that which one should never reveal even at the risk of one's own life.You should always conceal it as if it were your own Yoni, O deveshi!

The secret I reveal to you is true, true, there is no doubt. Practicing it, one is never immersed in the Ocean of Being. The Yoni is Mahamaya Herself, and the Lingam is the form of Sadashiva. Oblation should be with their effusion and with wine and flesh, Sundari.

One should bring together the Yoni and the Lingam and should worship the Tattva, O Sundari. In this certain thing one should place oneself and give everything to Shakti. One should satisfy using the Five Tattvas in the form of the vagina, which is the whole Cosmos. Revealing this one commits Brahmacide, O Deveshi!

O Durga, this sacred trust is known to be of very great merit. One gains siddhi and liberation from this sacred trust. Unless one knows this sacred trust one certainly goes to hell, Deveshi. Yoni magic is the greatest of all magic.

If one should worship the Yoni, having enjoyed and drunk one is freed from the defects of 10 million births, which are destroyed instantly.

Liberation is achieved via enjoyment. Happiness is gained through enjoyment. Therefore, by every effort, a magician should become an enjoyer. The wise man should always avoid blame, disgust, or shame of the Yoni. Unless one worships the Yoni by the method of Kulachara, even 100,000 acts of magic are useless.

If one should lick the elixir at the edge of the Yoni, evil in one's body or in one's house is certainly destroyed. What point is there of bathing in the Ganges or in other holy waters? In this matter relating to the powerful magician who always worships the vagina, what use is there of many words, Dearest?

Listen, O One-Dear-To-Me-As-Life-Itself. This magic of magicians is the best of all methods. Unless one does magic with the Five Tattvas (and not just Four) all is fruitless. Unless one uses the Fifth, one is not a Shakta having both happiness and liberation. Unless one uses the wine of Shakti all becomes fruitless.

One should drink the leftovers of both the Shakti and the Hero. Having done this, and having worshipped the Mahayoni always, and having enjoyed and having drunk, O Maheshani, one should eat inside the circle. One should take a rosary made of tulsi and do recitation in a temple of Hari.

After reciting the mantra and various narrations and lesser narrations one should then recite the best stories of Shri Hari. Hari is described as being the sum-total of all beings. One should slay beasts in that place [?].

This is the quintessential secret of magic; by practicing it one becomes wealthy. One should not do this most excellent magic in front of Pashus, O Parvati.

If one should worship the Yoni bowing thrice with a flower, those offerings destroy all karmas, and there is nothing unattainable in the Three Worlds.

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