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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 4 | December 1996
The Yoni Tantra, Part V
Part I, II, III, IV, V
Translated by Sri Lokanath

The Seventh Patala

Now I speak of the ultimate magic of heroes, 0 Maheshani. Whichsoever magician knows this becomes liberated whilst living. The essence of the Divya is divinity; the chief element in a Vira is strong-mindedness.


In whatever country a Vira resides that country is worshipped by the gods. One may gain the fruit of bathing in 10 million sacred waters by seeing a Vira. Having offered water into die hand of a Vira one becomes liberated by a host of Kulas.

If one should please a Vira, what is there in the Three Worlds which cannot be achieved? The time when Viras recite mantras is better than any other time.

The master magicians ('best sadhakas') should recite manta within the Yoni at a place where there is a Shiva Linga, at the root of a Bilva, in the cremation ground, in an isolated spot, or in a house. The best of all food one should worship with is that filling one's own (Shakti's) womb. Unless one uses wine and flesh one dies speedily, 0 Devi.

Therefore, having consumed and having drunk one should then consume (Yoni Tattva) on Earth. Of all food one should worship this food fearlessly. O Maheshani, sexual intercourse in every kind of Yoni is widely praised.

Always one should smear on one's forehead a line of menstrual blood or sandal paste or semen. O Durga, for Viras this is the core of true bliss.

Now I declare the magic which gives results above every other kind of magic. For bathing and so forth, purification, summons, recitation, mental worship, oblation—any time is good. There is no such thing as an inauspicious time. There is no difference as to whether it is day or night nor whether it is the 14th day of the waning Moon nor whether it is the Twilight Time.

In the matter of robes, seat, place, house, bodily contact and so forth one should maintain internal purity—here one should not be dualistic.

There are no rules relating to direction or time, nor rules relating to place. Also there are no restrictions relating to the best time for recitations, nor for recitation of mantra, nor the time for worship, nor rules relating to animal sacrifice.

One should never make distinctions relating to women and should refrain from dualism in the magic of women. The magician should go to a woman and should touch and look at her. Having fed her one should recite the mantra and consume the substance according to one's desire. Thus are declared the characteristics in acts of Vira Magic according to one's own True Will (Sveccha).

Women are divine, women are life, women are—truly—jewels. One should always have intercourse with a woman and should meditate, whether she is one's own woman or not. This which has been spoken of to you is the All Self or Being Essence concealed in all tantras. This injunction relating to Vira Siddhi has been revealed from love for you.

At the time of consuming the substance firstly one should offer it to one's Shakti. Otherwise—at first one should cast water into the vagina. Having gone to a deserted cremation ground the magician and his Shakti should have sexual intercourse after having enjoyed food and reciting the mantra.

Now listen to the time when the semen-menses is emitted, 0 Parvati-Sundari. If one should worship the Yoni Tattva, making a forehead mark of it, all defects and evils of 100 births are destroyed instantly.

The mantrin should recite in an old house, in a place where ghosts abound, or in a deserted place. At the risk of one's life one should not show it to Pashus!

Vain is Vira Magic without wine, useless is it without sexual intercourse. Unless employing the Pancha Tattva, 0 Durga, a Vira fails on this planet.

For this reason, having consumed and having drunk, the mantrin should recite the Great Mantra. This magic of Viras is the best of all magic, Dear Goddess!

What point is there of 100,000 acts of Divya or Vira magic? What point to 100,000,000 recitations or 100 ritual preparations of the mantra? What use in going to 100,000 holy bathing places? What point to gifts or self-mortification?

Devoid of vagina, all are equally fruitless, 0 Maheshani! Using the Yoni Puja technique one attains one's share of all magic. From oblation with Yoni Tattva, the ancestors reside in heaven.

One should always caress a nubile Yoni! If one should divert oneself in the urgent dance, having prepared the cavity of the Maha Yoni, then one is liberated from defects and stains of all births by the hosts of Kulas.

If a devoted person of a contemplative mind should specifically worship the maiden Yoni of a beautiful female pupil with scent and flower; then having enjoyed happiness here on Earth he comes to dwell in Devi Loka.

In the absence of scent and flower one should do the magic with wine. At the time of magic, 0 Deveshi, he would do Vishnu magic, Vishnu nyasa then recite praise.

The Eighth Patala

The Kaulika Natha at the time of Vira-magic knows Her (his Shakti) to be Urvashi, who is Womankind in the Three Worlds. Unless one employs sexual intercourse there is never liberation, whether from Shastras, Shrutis, Smriti, Puranas and so forth, created by Me. Listen, O-One-As-Dear-As-Life of the destruction of the mental disposition of Pashus. One should worship a nubile Yoni in a highly ecstatic way.

Whosoever in the Kali Yuga should with supreme devotion recite (the mantra) specifically towards the Yoni—which is the Core of the Cosmos—for him is Liberation within reach.

Amongst thousands of magicians and tens of millions of worshippers fortunate are they who do Kali-magic.

Kali is the Mother of the Universe and of all Shastras, quite certainly. By remembering Kali, one is liberated from the fetters of the Pashu.

Having recited the great mantra of Kali one becomes Kali's son, there is no doubt. This is true, true, true without question!

Just as for Kali so for the Vidyas and methods of Tripura, Sodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, China-Tara, Maha Lakshmi, Matangi, Sundari, Bhairavi, Dakshina, and Tarini. Success cannot be achieved save with the method of China (Achara).

Whatever mantra one is initiated in, this is the best method. Without this sacred trust one becomes unsuccessful and therefore is again reborn.

That which is written here in the Yoni Tantra all sadhakas should do according to their own wills.

O, Mahashani, one should meditate on oneself as being absorbed in the Yoni Chakra, with Yoni on one's mind, Yoni in one's ears and one's eyes. All magic is vain unless with the Yoni, O Mighty Lady! Therefore one should reject other magic and do Yoni Puja. Unless devoted to the Guru there is no siddhi, O Maheshani.

End of the Yoni Tantra

Part I, II, III, IV, V

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