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Scarlet Symposium 2014


Scarlet Symposium 2014

Saturday June 21

From Eternity to Eternity: The Magical Circle within Thelema, Frater AISh MLChMH
This presentation will consider the magical circle with particular reference to the writings of Aleister Crowley. We will examine the appearance of the magical circle at the dawn of civilization and it's use as a means of defense from hostile forces. Additionally, we will consider how this function was conveyed in systems such as Abramelin, the Lesser and Greater Keys, and the Grimorie of Honorius. Moreover, we will analyze interpretations by Cornelius Agrippa, William Stirling and Eliphas Levi. Rooted in tradition, we will also explore Crowley's initiated interpretation of this weapon, with a singular analysis of the magical circle put forth in Book IV.

Fr. AISh MLChMH has been a member of the O.T.O. for over 24 years. He is the former Secretary of the U.S. Grand Tribunal, and the former body master of Leaping Laughter Lodge (MN). He has been a chartered Initiator of the M.O.E. degrees (0-IIIrd) and an Ordained Priest of E.G.C. since 1998 e.v. His writings include the U.S. Grand Lodge publication Agapé, and he has given presentations at NOTOCON on The Comment of Liber AL and The Gnostic Mass; the latter published in the 6th Biennial Proceedings book (Beauty and Strength). He has also taught classes on The Gnostic Mass, the M.O.E. degrees, and the ritual and yoga set forth by Aleister Crowley. He is currently working on a book addressing the qabalistic doctrine expressed in The Gnostic Mass.

Enchanting Modernity: Religion and the Supernatural in Contemporary Popular Culture, Frater Christeos Pir
Popular culture in Japan not only reveals the way that many people think about religion and the supernatural, it also performs an important function in preserving and shaping those ideas and images. Many stories of the supernatural depict characters who are called upon to heal the split between between the material and the spiritual realms, and between tradition and modernity. The heroes of these stories often embody this split in themselves by being part human and part Other. Against opponents who demand the abandoning of the past in order to move into a fully modern future, the protagonists call for a solution in which the split between a mythological past and a technological present is healed. By moving forward into the future while retaining the spiritual heart of the past, they struggle to bridge the worlds of tradition and modernity.

The conjunction of religion and popular culture is a powerful one, and raises fascinating questions about today's societies. How are supernatural characters depicted in popular culture, and what messages about the benefits and dangers of religion are being encoded in them? How are these stories used to convey ideas about what it means to be a whole person? What benefits do the consumers of pop culture gain from including supernatural themes in these stories, and what is the benefit to society as a whole? What are the implications for cultures other than the Japanese: are there lessons that may be important for those of us in other cultures as well? These are some of the questions addressed in this multimedia presentation.

Fr. Christeos Pir has led numerous workshops, seminars, and experimental study groups in Enochian Magick, World Religions & Mythology, and Ritual Studies. Christeos has a B.A. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in Asian Cultures and Languages with a Portfolio in Religious Studies. His graduate research explored the role of religion and the supernatural in contemporary Japanese popular culture.

Refine Thy Rapture, Sister Hattie Quinn
AL II,70: "There is help & hope in other spells. Wisdom says: be strong! Then canst thou bear more joy. Be not animal; refine thy rapture! If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art: if thou love, exceed by delicacy; and if thou do aught joyous, let there be subtlety therein!" What could be more antithetical to the pursuit of personal liberty than addiction, whether it be to a drug, a person, or a frame of mind? How do we as Thelemites apply our principles and tame our inner demons? How do we continue to muster the courage of our convictions? What do we do when we cannot? This class will be an overview of Thelema and addiction, drawing from our tenets and the works of the Prophet, Aleister Crowley, as well as a discussion of techniques that I, and hopefully you, have used to conquer addiction and balance the elements within.

Sister Hattie has been a member of the Order since Anno IVix and has successfully used magical, mystical, social, psychological, and philosophical techniques and meditations, occasional desperation, and sheer force of will for the last seventeen years and counting to banish her compulsive and chemical demons, and to lift herself from gutter to Graal.

Dream Magic and the Great Work: An exploration of the utility of Dream Work for the Thelemic Magician , Sister
The Dream has historically been an integral part of the magician's sphere of work and influence, yet explicit investigation and instruction in Dream Work remains rare in contemporary occultism and esoteric studies. Throughout history and across cultures magicians have used the Dream state for healing, divination, insight, and transformation. Although many prominent figures in the Western Tradition have discussed the potency of the Dream state, the nature and extent of this power has largely remained obscure. This talk will explicitly illustrate the utility of the Dream state for Thelemic work, exposing how the Dream may become a foundational tool of the magician and initiate, enhancing and complimenting her waking Work. In the study and exploration of the unconscious is the potential of awakening the deep mind, and bringing to light the Id and the animalistic selves as bases of Will. In Liber Samekh, Aleister Crowley states: "The main purpose of the [this] Ritual is to establish the relation of the subconscious self with the [Holy Guardian] Angel in such a way that the Adept is aware that his Angel is the Unity which expresses the sum of the Elements of that Self, that his normal consciousness contains alien enemies introduced by the accidents of environment, and that his Knowledge and Conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel destroys all doubts and delusions, confers all blessings, teaches all truth, and contains all delights." An integral part of the task of the magician is to illuminate the subconscious, and explore, conquer, and unify the uncharted lands of his psyche. This talk will explore the underlying historical, neurophysiological, and experiential evidence for Dream as a methodology for uniting the lower and higher selves with emphasis on Thelemic philosophy and appeal to the writings of Crowley and his predecessors in the Western Tradition. Replicable experiments and practical techniques will also be introduced, and a short meditation/ritual will create ease of access to productive and intentional Dreaming for participants.

Sister is Master and Co-Founder of Subtlety or Force Encampment of Albuquerque, NM and Deacon of E.G.C. She is a Clinical Psychologist, with a background in Health Psychology and Neuroscience. She is also an initiated healer in a Northern New Mexican tradition, and has explored the possibilities and practicalities of Dream Work for most of her life.

Pan-X: A Totally Fierce Invocation of Summer, Soror Elle Elayne
Join with fellow devotees, the Priestess, the two punk rock Nymphs, and the Goat, deep in a dream-forest, to awaken Pan from her slumber and to invoke Summer in the most hyperactively surreal and frothy way possible. 18 and up.

Soror Elle Elayne has been an initiate of our Order since 2008. In addition to coordinating past Scarlet Woman Lodge conferences, she has held office as Assistant Editor to the Scarlet Letter, Lodge Librarian, and Lodge Secretary. She is an Ordained Priestess within the EGC, a manifesting maven, a curator of beauty, a lifestylist who throws a damn good party.

Sunday June 22

Beware and Behold: Chasing the Feminine Principle in Crowley's Thelema, Frater al-Khidr الخضر‎ 
Aleister Crowley has been labeled alternatively an unapologetic misogynist and a forerunner of modern feminism, and his views on and understanding of gender is complex, to say the least. In this talk, Fr. الخضر‎  will explore the "feminine," both as an archetypal ideal and as it relates to biological female and gender-identified women, in the magickal and spiritual system of Thelema as understood through Crowley's writings.

Fr. الخضر‎  is a longstanding initiate of O.T.O., having chosen to honor the transition to a new Millennium by taking his Minerval initiation in the 2000th year of the vulgar era at Thelesis Camp in Philadelphia, PA. His interest in magic extends far earlier though, probably originating with his delight in the fantasy genre of fiction as a child, though it may have even deeper roots in previous incarnations. He has served in a number of roles with local bodies of O.T.O. around the United States and with United States Grand Lodge, and is an chartered initiator and a novice priest in the order. He has resided in Austin, Texas and been a member of Scarlet Woman Lodge since 2007, and currently serves as Treasurer of the Lodge and coordinator of the ongoing Hermetic Practice Workshop series. He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from one of the oldest research universities in the United States and works in higher education where serves in a number of leadership roles both at his school and in his research community.

Nuit, Soror Tzaddi
Who is Nuit, as a Goddess? What is Nuit, as a concept?
How do we relate to a deity that has both mythical and metaphysical qualities in an accessible fashion? May relate to the Mass, may not.
Nuit chant.
Nuit draw.

Sr. Tzaddi learned shamanic journeying in 1991 through Micheal Harner's group. Over the years she has taught many people basic journeying as well as more advanced healing techniques, and contributed seven entries to the Encyclopedia of Shamanism. She joined the OTO in 1998 and is an ordained Priestess in the EGC.

Western and Eastern Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Kundalini Meditation, Dr. David Hill
This lecture contains a review of Western and Eastern views on Kundalini meditation from the perspectives of Crowley, Vivekananda, Jung, and the speaker's own personal practice. In addition, you will be led through an experiential exercise to learn a method of detecting your chakras which may lead to the opening and eventual harnessing of the energy of this subtle system.

Dr. David Hill is a clinical psychologist who specializes in both forensics and transpersonal psychology. He has been practicing Kundalini meditation for almost 20 years, and it has become an integral part of his daily spiritual practices. David currently serves the Order in the role of President of the Electoral College of U.S. Grand Lodge and locally as a priest, initiator, and member of Baphomet Chapter R+C. Despite fancy titles, David remains a man among men and a seeker upon the path.

Registration is open to the public for $31.00. Limited space is available, so early registration is suggested. You may register via PayPal below.

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