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Coroner's Notes on the Smoking Dog Project
Fiat Canes: Manifesto of the Smoking Dog Project
The Smoking Dog, from The Book of Lies
Hair of the Dog: Ritual Conversion (Devotional, Ceremonial, and Dramatic)
Ceremonial Magick

Dramatic Rituals
Feast of the Stars
The Feast of Cattle
Feast of the Dragon
Feast of the Lion-Serpent
Feast of the Lion and the Serpent
Elemental Invocations
The Elevenfold Seal
The Fourfold Crown
The Kiss of Will
Lunar Adorations
The Harpocratic Octahedron
Pisces Invocation
Experimental Thelemic Convocation Ritual
Devotional Ritual
The Cry of the Hawk: A Thelemic Devotion
The Dogbreath Relays: Qabalistic Pathworking
Liber V 1/2 vel Regulift
Inspiration of the Sphinx

The World Teacher to the Theosophical Society
Dead Dog's Lament: Excerpted from the Magical Record of Sor. OALIMN
Records of Canine Mortality: Excerpted from the Magical Record of Fr. Pnesomauma
The Bark
Liber Waugh