The Feast of Cattle, Little & Big

The Kiss of Will was used as a centerpiece for the Smoking Dog ritual to celebrate the Feast of Cattle, Little & Big (May 1, Sol in the succedent decan of Taurus) at Scarlet Woman Camp for Anno VIiii E.N. Here is the full rubric for that rite.

The temple space should include pillars adorned with wreaths and garlands of flowers. There must be an open circular or elliptical space for the ritual.

The five central ritualists required are as follows:

Others should be seated around the perimeter.

Horus announces the commencement of the ritual, and begins by banishing with the Star Ruby.

All five ritualists paricipate in the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast. The Elevenfold Seal is performed as in the group Harpocratic Octahedron. Each quarter is worked with a) the pentagram, enterer, and god-name from Horus towards the quarter in question, b) the appropriate N.O.X. sign from the other officer named, c) enterers passed widdershins around the four outer officers from the named one, and d) the sign of silence from the named officer.

Therion recites "The Lady," the second Collect from the Gnostic Mass. All reply, "So mote it be."

Babalon recites "The Lord," the fourth Collect from the Gnostic Mass. All reply, "So mote it be."

Hadit goes to the Center, and Horus changes out to the South. Hadit and Nuit perform the Kiss of Will, omitting the opening and closing.

Horus recites "Marriage," the ninth Collect from the Gnostic Mass. All reply, "So mote it be."

Nuit, Hadit, and Horus return to their original stations.

Babalon makes mulier, and says, "Sacrifice" Therion makes vir, and says, "Cattle" Nuit makes puella, and says, "Little" Hadit makes puer, and says, "And Big" Horus makes m.t., with "After: a Child!"

All reply, "But not now!"

Feasting and socializing follow. The feast should include baked goods and other food in the form of human organs of generation.

Where there is smoke. . .