east of the ragon

Sol in the Succedent Decan of Scorpio

Officers, all paint faces:

People waiting without are greeted by Eagle with D.W.T.W.S.B.T.W.O.T.L., and reply with L.I.T.L.L.U.W. They are instructed by Eagle to banish, fortify, and prepare themselves as they will. Snake banishes in Space One, Eagle banishes in Space Two, Scorpion banishes in Space Three. Drummers are present for banishing in Space Three.

People are admitted to Space One by Guides and asked to whisper the mantra: "The spirits are hungry, the walls are thin." Once all have been admitted, this continues (supported by the Guides and 'inactive' officers), while each officer in turn proclaims:

SNAKE "Life and death are two names of the same thing, like a serpent on the surface of the water. The part of the serpent that is exposed is called Life. The part that is submerged is called Death. There is but one serpent."

EAGLE "Life and death are two names of the same thing, like an eagle flying through the heavens. The flapping ascent of its flight is called Life. The plunging descent of its flight is called Death. There is but one eagle."

SCORPION "Life and death are two names of the same thing, like a scorpion scuttling across the dry earth. The sight of the scorpion is called Life. The touch of the scorpion is called Death. There is but one scorpion." Mantra continues afterwards.

Snake admits people singly into Space Two through doorway marked "INSCRUTABLE," saying to each in a low voice, "Also Asar was hidden in Amennti, and the Lords of Time swept over him with the sickle of Death." Within, Eagle reads or recites the Denials of God from Liber 963, while Guide One instructs people to lie on their backs and "breathe as deeply and as quickly as you can." (Notes: Eagle may and probably will cycle through the Denials for time's sake. If there is not enough floor space for everyone, Guides may move the earliest arrivals to Space Three in order to admit the later ones.)

When everyone except the drummers and Snake are in Space Two, Scorpion begins to lay down cornmeal veve (mercurial glyph for nun from Liber 231) in Space Three while chanting "Nadimraphoroiozotholai." Guide One is also there, chanting. Guide Two takes people in the same order as their entrance to Space Two and instructs them to sit around the veve-in-formation and chant the name.

When everyone is out of Space Two, Eagle stops declaiming and joins them. Then (or at the completion of the veve, whichever comes second) Snake starts to dance in the middle of the veve. Eagle and Scorpion, outside the circle (which still chants the Liber 231 name), recommence with "the spirits are hungry, the walls are thin." If others dance as well, so much the better.

When the veve is fully effaced, all three officers gather up handfuls of meal and use it to trace the elevenfold seal on themselves in unison. Finally, Snake encourages everyone to gather up the meal and apply it to any personal weapons or talismans to be charged.

Where there is smoke . . .