This ritual is designed to follow the Star Ruby (as presented in Liber CCCXXXIII, chapter 25) and the Mark of the Beast (from Liber V vel Reguli). The first of those rituals associates the quarters with the mutable signs of the zodiac,(foot1) the second with the fixed signs.(foot2) This ritual completes the set with the cardinal signs. The Star Ruby thus corresponds to Dawn, the Mark of the Beast to Noon, and the Fourfold Crown to Sunset.(foot3)

Having performed the Star Ruby and the Mark of the Beast, stand in the center facing West.(foot4) Make the N.O.X. Signs with the following words.

Puer: "Hail Babalon, filled with joy! Ra-hoor-khu is with Thee."

Vir: "Blessed and cursed art Thou in Thy glory, and glorious the Beast on whom thou ridest."

Puella: "Scarlet Woman, Mother of Abomination,"

Mulier: "Gather our blood in the golden cup of Thy fornication."

Mater Triumphans: "AUMGN. AUMGN. AUMGN."

Advance to the West and describe an invoking Pentagram of Air aright, with the name NIKE. (Libra)

Circumambulate deosil(foot4) to the North, and describe an invoking Pentagram of Earth aright, with the name PAN. (Capricorn)

Circumambulate deosil to the East, and describe an invoking Pentagram of Fire aright, with the name IACCHE. (Aries)

Circumambulate deosil to the South, and describe an invoking Pentagram of Water aright, with the name BABALON. (Cancer)

Return to the center by way of the West. Face the West and describe the invoking heptagram of Our Lady, vibrating AGAPE.

Stand in the sign of Osiris Slain, and declare:

"Before me the Powers of Death, "Behind me the Powers of Birth, "At my right hand the Powers of Life, "And at my left hand the Powers of the Beyond, "For about me shines the seal of the little world, "And the great world is above me and in me."

Recite the Cry of the Hawk, with the gestures appropriate to that devotion.



  1. Star Ruby: CHAOS (Gemini), BABALON (Pisces), EROS (Sagittarius), PSYCHE (Virgo)
  2. Mark of the Beast: NUIT (Aquarius), HADIT (Leo), THERION (Taurus), BABALON (Scorpio)
  3. The Star Ruby is directed to the East (the sun at dawn), the Mark of the Beast to the East and then West (the sun at noon), and the Fourfold Crown to the West (the sun at dusk).
  4. The Star Ruby moves widdershins around the circumference, the Mark of the Beast moves widdershins to the center and then deosil to the circumference, and the Fourfold Crown moves deosil around the circumference.