The Temple is appointed with scents of jasmine and ambergris. An Altar may be set with the Cup resting upon an horizontal mirror. The colors to be worn are purple, silver, brown, and pink. A bell should be used for the batteries. A ewer of water is at hand, as is some of the magician's blood, or the means to draw the same.

Battery 1-333-333-333-1

Pour water into the Cup.

Stand as a Tau facing East and pronounce the Bewilderment of Pisces:

O what art Thou, O God my God, Thou snow-browed storm that art whirled up in clouds of flame?

O Thou red sword of the thunder!

Thou great blue river of ever-flowing brightness, upon whose breasts creep the star-bannered vessels of night!

O how can I plunge within Thine inscrutable depths, and yet with open eye be lost in the pearly foam of Thine oblivion?

Add a drop of blood to the Cup.

Returning to the Tau position, incant the Beseechment of Pisces:

O Thou mighty God! Make me as a silver fish darting through the vast depths of dim-peopled waters; I beseech Thee, O Thou great God! That I may swim in the vastness of Thine Abyss, and sink beneath the waveless depths of Thy glory, O Thou God my God!

Execute L.V.X. signs.

Add a tear to the Cup.

Facing East in an attittude of resurrection, recite from Marvell's Ros:

Cernis ut Eoi descendat Gemmula Roris,
Marcet, uti roseis Lachryma fusa Genis.
Suspicit at longis distantem obtutibus Axem,
Inde et languenti lumine pendet amans,
Ut pavet, et motum tremit irrequieta Cubile,
Et quoties Zephryo fluctuat Aura, fugit.

(See how a little jewel of Orient dew descends,
It is spent, like a tear upon a rosy cheek.
It looks up at the distant heavens with a long gaze,
And, desiring that place, hangs with a faint glow.
Restless, how it trembles and quivers on its troubled couch,
And, as often as the air stirs with a breeze, rolls about.)

Drink the contents of the Cup, and set it back standing on the mirror.

Battery 22-7777777-22


Battery 22-7777777-22

Banishing water hexagrams of Jupiter at the quarters, widdershins from the North, with the names

Execute L.V.X. signs.

Set Cup on its side.

Battery 333-55555-333

Where there is smoke . . .