The Feast of the Lion and the Serpent

by Frater Sophia est Nogah

as performed at Sekhet-Bast-Ra Oasis

The Magicians shall be divided into active and passive, either four active and four passive, or each divided in himself into active and passive. If there be eight magicians, they shall change places, each with their counterpart as the formula of Baphomet is destroyed one year later. The chart Below is to be used in identifying each magician's part:

B..........Active A..........Passive P..........Active H.........Passive O.........Passive M........Active E.........Passive T.........Active

The working shall be performed in a square temple, with a circle described therein, and another square within that circle. Further, if there be four magicians, each shall carry some symbol of his or her duality, as the individual genius of each magician shall dictate. The magician who has taken letter B shall confirm that each magician present shall have performed the due preparations to ensure a clear body of light. There shall be a dais in the midst of the temple, atop which shall be an image of Baphomet resting upon Liber Al vel Legis. The following opening is to be employed:

Banish, dedicate working to Baphomet. An active magician shall perform the following:

Ring bell-- 22-333-1-22 "Hekas Hekas este Bebeloi!" Banish. "And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formeless fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the universe, hear thou the voice of fire." Take up the censer and travel deosil to the south, make equillibrated active spirit pentagram and invoking fire pentagram. Wave censer left, right, and then center. Travel deosil to all active magicians and perform same gesture, saying "By the formless fire may thy power be fervent and irresistable, thy body and heart pure, and thy mind passionate." Return to dais. Set censer upon the dais, saying "May the lust of Baphomet fill this temple." Say: "So therefore first the priest who governeth the works of fire must sprinkle with the lustral water of the loud resounding sea." Take up cup and draw equilibrated invoking spirit pentagram, followed by invoking water pentagram, in the west. Sprinkle wine to left, right, and then center. Travelling deosil, visit each passive magician and anoint with wine, saying "may thy Will be immovable and thy course firm, thy mind steady and thy heart unperturbed" Return to dais, and uttering some prayer to Baphomet (such as " may this wine bless me by the power of the goat-headed god to provide the channel by which power may enter"), consume the wine. Take up Dagger. Travel to east and say "may the guardians of air be here present to bestow their influence and deflect all impure thought, even as a leaf is blown from its course." Make equilibrated active pentagram of spirit, followed by invoking penagram of air. Wave dagger to left, right, and then center. Travel to each magician and place the tip carefully upon the ajna Chakra of each. Return to dais. Take up Pantacle. Travel to north and say: "I invoke the fertility of earth and the boundless joy of nature by the formula Agla (vibrate). May the spirits of earth attend upon this work." Make equilibrated passive spirit pentagrams, and invoking earth pentagram. Travel to each magician and show pantacle. Return to dais and replace pantacle. Advance to east. Say "Even as On (vibrate) is the giver of light unto the world, do I form a sun of light within this secret chamber of art, and in the centers of those present in the name of Hadit (vibrate)." All circumambulate eight times, waiting to join the procession as it passes his or her station. Upon the eighth circle, each shall return to his or her place in like manner. All should strive to attract the light in silence, though if inspired any magician may whisper Abrahadabra, and know that this is honorable before Nuit.

The passive counterpart of the opening magician shall advance to the center, and, Making the equillibrated passive spirit pentagram, and the invoking water hexagram and pentagram, shall say the following, vibrating the names that appear: "By the potent and terrible name Poseidon, with which the waters are kept still and silent, and separated from land, with which the plants may take sustenance from the dry earth, thou ocean of infinite perfection and vast space, in which a million worlds couldst lose themselves and never see the day, we ask by thy name that thy mighty archangel Gabriel may send forth the spirits of water under his command to shape in this image a perfect and uncorruptable vessel for the light that filleth the universe with it's glory, and reflecteth upon thy depths. Spirits of water, by the names given us by this God of knowledge, we command thee to this task. So mote it be!"

Now begins the invokation. Each magician shall, in his or her turn, advance to dais. The first four parts will face west, the second four will face east. In each case follow the written instructions. In no wise is the magician to invoke in him or her self, but rather into the image. Not to do so would be to invoke only part of the formula and so divert the Will of the magician.

B: " Thy soul inhabits a vast plane of black ice, O Baphomet. Thou art the fingers that put thy children to thy maw, and the strands of the hair of Aima. Thy will is great and thine eye perfected, thou hast no cause to see, yet sight of sight is thine. May thy will be made and known! (sign of enterer towards image, followed by sign of Harpocrates).

Thy hands are cloaked in cold smoke, the very breathe of thy mouth doth make me numb, O Baphomet, thou, lord, whose nature is a reflection of nothing. May thy will be sown and reaped! (Sign of enterer, followed by Harpocrates).

The name of thine arms are force and form, O thou throned across the aeons. Thou art the univokable! May thy will be sung in the desolate waste! (sign of Enterer and Harpocrates).

Thou, mother of Gods and slain of thy issue, thou, immovable God whose nature is motion, who moveth not yet, but hath promised to be swift as a mountain wind and sweet as honeysuckle, we adore thee! May thy will be slain and may it rise again! (Sign of enterer and sign of Harpocrates) Thou, Baphomet, whose birth pangs have stilled the shaking of the universe, whose suffering hath calmed the waters and whose fire has eased my burns, I adore thee! May thy will be one and two and one! (Enterer, Harpocrates)

Thou, whose law is made to break, Thou, whose life is made for taking, whose blood is made to drink, whose porches form the doors of the heavens and the hells, whose torture is the sweetest ecstasy, whose face is blackest onyx so to reflect the midnight sky, may thy will be loved and given to thy haters! (Enterer, Harpocrates)

Thou, whose essence is the mystery of life, thou, whose essence is the darkness of the womb and the stillness of birth, whose howl is the wind in the outer Abyss, whose love is the attraction of Aima, the last dose of thy death, enter thou here, for we adore thee! May thy will be given a name! (Enterer, Harpocrates)

Thou, whose darkness is the sky before the azure glimmer of dawn, the heart of darkest night, the light in every star concealed, we adore thee, we adore thee, we adore thee! (Make invoking saturn Hexagram, followed by invoking passive spirit pentagrams. Sign of enterer through these symbols, seal them into the image with the sign of Harpocrates, followed by the sign of the concealer.)

Cover the image in a black cloth, and banish by the following: " (sign of enterer) Procul, Procul este profani! Bahlasti! Ompehda! Nuit! Hadit! Ra-Hoor-Khuit! (sign of silence)" Let the magician assume his place, and all turn outward, hold silence for nine heartbeats, and then circumambulate once widdershins. Resume places, and then proceed.

A: "Take us unto thy company, O lord, O eye, O lust. Thy fragrant garlands are sacred and immortal, thy tears are living, pure drops of dew upon the morning face of the world. Thine orb is an orb of justice, in it's green agate depths are the forrests of the world, in it's amber shine lie the deserts of Islam, in it's alabaster pits the darkest caves in the skin of the earth. For thou art law and the giver of order, yet those who would hate thee have called thee all chaos and abomination. But those who hate you have unto themselves no comfort, no rest, no birthright, no nation, no freedom; for light, life, love, and liberty are thine alone, though thou art in the heart of every living creature. For thou hast said that thou art the flame that burnest in the heart of every man ( draw a purple square. Within it formulate the serpent Kundalini, coiled three and a half times, allow the snake to uncoil, and seal it into the image with the sign of defense, rest of speech in attitude of Mulier), and in the core of every star. Thou art life and the giver of life, yet therefore is the knowledge of thee the knowledge of death. Thou art the heart of the magician and the voice of the exorcist. Thou art the axle in the wheel, and the cube in the circle. "Come unto thee" is a foolish word, for it is thee that goest. Grant unto us thy motion, Grant unto us thy knowledge, thy life and thy death. We invoke thee, we invoke thee, we invoke thee!" (draw invoking hexagram of jupiter, followed by invoking pentagram of equilibrated active spirit. Project into image with the sign of the enterer, seal with sign of defense)

P: "Fools! My God is a god of war. Those who see that peace is the begining and the end draw too hastily the middle, for between peace everlasting is infinite carnage, the waste of every living carcass, and the massacre of every impurity, the execution of Will. For thou art knowledge and ignorance. Thou art shame and boldness. Thou art shameless, thou art ashamed therefore. Thou art strength and courage, and the mastery of fear. Thou art war and the rumor of peace. Thou art compassionate in thy cruelty, thou hast beheaded the offenders of the LAW, and unleashed the rabid hounds of pestilence upon those who take oaths and break them. Thy ordeals are unspeakable, and thy sorrow swells the dams of stillness. We invoke thee, we invoke thee, we invoke thee! (Invoking hexagram of mars, followed by invoking pentagram of active spirit, and invoking pentagram of fire. Seal into the image with the sign of the enterer, followed by sign of defense).

H: "Thou art the one whose image is great in the land of Khem, and the one who has no image among the barbarians. Thou art the one who is hated everywhere and loved everywhere. Thou art the one called life, though we have called thee death. Thou art the one who is called law, though we have called thee Chaos. Thou art the one that we have pursued, and thou art the one that we have seized. Thou art the one whom we have scattered, and thou art the one who we have gathered together. Thou art the one before whom we have been ashamed, yet we have been shameless before thee. Thou art the one who celebrates not, yet thy celebrations are many. Thou, thou art godless, and thou art the one in whom Gods are great. Thou art the one whom we have reflected upon, and we have scorned thee. Thou art unlearned, yet the wise learn from thee. Thou art the one who we have despised, and we reflect upon thee. Thou art the one whom we have hidden from, yet when we appear, thou art nowhere to be found. But whenever thou dost hide, then shall we find thee. For what is inside us, so thou hast said, is outside us, and the one who fashions us on the inside has shaped our vision, the invisible is our garment because of thee. Thou art the name of the sound, and the sound of the name, thou art the sign of the letter and the designation of the division, and I shall speak his name. Baphomithr! (vibrate intensely) We invoke thee! We invoke thee! We invoke thee!" (make solar invoking hexagrams, followed by invoking pentagram of equilibrated spirit, seal with the sign of the enterer followed by the signs of L.V.X. and then sign of silence).

O: "Thou art the honored one and the scorned one, thou art the whore and the virgin, thou art the wife and the holy one, thou art the mistress of love, thou art the mother and the daughter, thou art the barren one and many are thy sons. Thou art she whose wedding is great, yet thou art unwed. Thou art the bride and the groom. We do hear thee ingentleness and learn of thee in roughness. Thou art she that crieth out and thou art cast forth upon the face of the earth. Thou dost prepare the bread of thy mind within. Thou art the knowledge of love, and thou art the knowing of pleasure. Thou art the one who is called truth and iniquity. For wherever we are preists of thy mystic art, it is thy preistess who doth caress us and make of us men. For wherever we are in want it is thy love that cometh unto us to heal and comfort us, to weve us spells upon the evening in the gardens of delight. It is thee that we desire wedding to, O thou, Baphomet. We invoke thee, we invoke thee, we invoke thee! (Make invoking hexagram of venus, followed by equillibrated passive invoking spirit pentagram. Seal with sign of enterer, followed by sign of silence).

M: "Behold the vision of Baphomet! We stood upon a dark and rocky cliff that overhung the restless seas. In the sky above was a glorious sun, encircled by a brilliant rainbow, which they of the path of the chamelion know. We beheld the God bearing a scroll which read: (sing in a semi-vibratory tone, vibrate fully the formulae)

Lumen est in deo Lux in homine factum Sive Sol Sive Luna Sive Stelloc errantes Omnia in Lux Lux in Lumine Lumen in Centrum Centrum in Circulo Circulum ex Nihilo Quid scis, id eris FIAT EST ESTO ERIT In fidelitate et veritate universas ab aeternitate Nunc Hora Nunc Dies Nunc Annus Nunc Saeculum Omnia sunt Unum et Omnia in Omnibus AETERNITAS Solve et Coagula

We invoke thee, O thou who hast allowed this to be proclaimed. We invoke thee, we invoke thee, we invoke thee! (Invoking Hexagram of mercury, followed by invoking pentagrams of equilibrated spirit and invoking air. Seal into image with sign of enterer, followed by sign of silence)

E: Thou art the creation of the spirits, Thou art control and the uncontrolable. Thou art the union and the dissolution. Thou art the abiding one and the dissolving one. Thou art the one below, and we shall come up to thee. Thou, Thou art judgement and acquital. Thou, thou art sinless, and the root of sin derives from thee. Thou art the devil in outward appearance, and interior self control existeth within thee. Thou art the hearing which is attainable to everyone and the speech which cannot be grasped. Thou art the mute that does not speak, and great is the multitude of thy words. We invoke thee! We invoke thee! We invoke thee! (Make invoking hexagram of moon, followed by invoking passive equilibrated spirit pentagram, and invoking water pentagram. Seal into image with sign of enterer, followed by sign of defense)

T: (Vibrate) "Aumgn. Aumgn. Aumgn. Behold I seal into thee the nature of earth (make invoking earth pentagram very powerfully--do not make an invoking spirit pentagram). I am the excorcist in the midst of the excorcism, and the magician in the midst of the spell. By the name of the universe and all that is without it IAO, and in the name of the law of Thelema, and in the name of the word of the Aeon of Horus Abrahadabra, and by all other names and spells already rehearsed, I conjure upon thee might and power irresistable (draw sign of the flaming sword) Khabs Am Pekht. Konx om Pax. Light in extension. I proclaim that thou shalt become the catalyst of Will, and thereby shalt thou quit the night, and enter into day!

Advance to east, right thumb on Ajna Chakra, formulate mark of beast in the air before thee, in flashing red, and vibrate the following: "Abgdhevvazaychtyklemsayptzqurshta"

Take two steps to south, thumb at heart, and vibrate "Aphrodite" or some other love deity's name.

Take two steps to west, thumb at groin, hold silence. Imagine conception taking place within thee.

Take two steps to north, crouch and place thumb between feet. Vibrate "Hadit!"

Do not close circle in the normal way. Bring thy finger around so that circle is almost closed, but instead of a continuous line, interupt with the following sign, thus:

Return to the dais, and face east. B shall advance to dais and face west. The passive magician shall hold the bell, while thou dost take up the clapper and ring that bell 22 times evenly, with thy heartbeat. All other magicians should attract the energy of the temple as the bell is ringing and send it to the center of the earth. When the bell has stopped, all magicians assume their places and make sign of enterer towards image, vibrating IAO eight times, sending all energy from the earth into the image. When this has been accomplished, all should assume the sealing sign that was in their part of the invokation, either sign of silence, or of defense