A Fragment of Ritual

This document is a transcript of an MS found among the papers of Cagliostro. Portions were missing or illegible and have resisted all efforts at reconstruction. The handwriting has not been reliably identified, but the paper was almost certainly copied from an earlier work. --Ed.

Inspiration of the Sphinx

The Magician must prepare a place apart, with images of the Powers in the four quarters.
In the East: Kallisti
In the West: Nuit
In the North: Parvati
In the South: Omari

He must have a vessel in which is bound a Spirit of Scorpio-Bicapricornus, along with the means to release the Spirit. He should be robed as a Babe of the Abyss, and provided with his Wand.

Sitting or kneeling in the center, let him prepare the Wand with an oil specially consecrated to the Work. As he prepares the wand, he should recite prayers to Our Lady, particularly the Ave Babalon

Let him face the East and charge the Wand with Air (Jupiter), incanting:

Let him turn North and charge the Wand with Fire (Mars), incanting:

Let him turn West and charge the Wand with Water (Scorpio), incanting:

Let him turn South and charge the Wand with Earth (Capricorn), incanting:

He should face the Power which answers him most clearly, and hyp.........te while continuing to charge the Wand. Then he may remove the seal from the vessel and release the Spirit, directing it to enter his ruach. Aspiring to his Angel, he should give himself over to Death as the Spirit accomplishes its work.