Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Unknown Rivers is an eleven-voice choir singing Thelemic sacred music. The choir was begun in A.L.IViv (1996 e.v.) as a project of Scarlet Woman Lodge in the Valley of Austin, Texas. We share a will to unite our breaths and voices in giving beautiful musical form to our acceptance of the Law of Thelema. The work of the choir is founded on hermetic and Thelemic philosophies.

We perform a cappella. Tunes are often drawn from other sacred traditions, and lyrics include poetry by Aleister Crowley, Thomas Taylor's translations of ancient Orphic hymns, and original texts by contemporary Thelemites.

Unknown Rivers is in a state of continual development. Regular rehearsals are currently directed toward the Rite of Heru-Tesher (Mars) chamber opera, to be performed as part of the 2001 e.v. Rites of Eleusis cycle at Scarlet Woman Lodge.

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 The Anthem (Harmony Chorus)

 The Magician (Final Stanza)

Love is the law, love under will.

(Unknown Rivers on the Feast of the Stars, A.L. IViv)

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