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2007 Dues Drive
This year's dues drive is off to a great start! Check the dues drive page for the full details and for our current status. As a reminder, dues can be paid online through our treasury page. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Café Thelema - New Night
Our Thelemic coffee night, Café Thelema, will now be meeting every 2nd and 4th Friday evenings at Austin Java Coffee Company on Barton Springs Road. We arrive at 7pm. Check 667forum for exact dates. Feel free to come and have a cup of coffee with us!

New Temple Space
Scarlet Woman Lodge is pleased to announce that we have signed a lease on a new temple space! The new temple is located off of 183 east of town. We look forward to extending the joy and beauty of our community into our new home.

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05/03/07: Updated dues drive page. Performed minor updates and fixed spelling mistakes pointed out by a sharp-eyed sister. Thank you!
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09/24/06: Updated link to Starry Bayou Encampment and modified front page.
08/14/06: Modified the Members area to bring it into alignment with current lodge policies. Updated links page.

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