Criss Piss Memorial Library

The Criss Piss Memorial Library is a private library (including books, periodicals, videos, and audio CDs), with well over 700 books, for study and reference by the members of Scarlet Woman Lodge. It is maintained at the temple space, and is accessible immediately following most regular Lodge events.

Who was Criss Piss?

Criss Piss was the monicker of Richard Christopher Legener, a Master Magician of O.T.O. who died of lung cancer while a member of Scarlet Woman Oasis in 1996 e.v. Born in 1954 (Sun in Sagittarius), he was an artist in many media. He was a musician, and his band involvements included Creeping Things, Circle Kaos, and Ex Pistos. In his music, and in his daily discourse, he was an aggressive critic of the political establishment and religious hypocrisy.

He joined the Order in Berkeley, California, taking his Minerval Degree at Thelema Lodge, where he also organized classes and rituals. His esoteric interests were reflected in his music and his drawings.

Criss willed his substantial personal library to Scarlet Woman Oasis, and it became the foundation of our current collection. He is survived by his wife Ariadne, his son Alex, and his step-daughter Becky. Ariadne was the original librarian, and she hosted regular library nights at her own apartment for a while, until the collection moved to the then-new Austin O.T.O. Temple.

Who can borrow books?

Initiate members of Scarlet Woman Lodge have circulation priviledges.

How do I check out a book?

There is a sign-out sheet on a clipboard in the library. Note the title of the book, your name, your phone number, and the date that you are borrowing the book. Your circulation info will be kept confidential within the lodge. Other members who want to use the book you have borrowed may use the circulation list to contact you, and lodge officers will call down the list once each quarter to remind you to return the book when you are through with it.

How do I return the book I checked out?

Leave it on the table next to the library shelves, and put an X next to the line on the sign-out sheet where you originally borrowed it.

How can I donate books to the library?

Contact the Librarian or the Lodgemaster for details.